The Laws of The Realm
"I accept you into my pack," said The Guardian.
"But here, you are on my lands,
and you will follow my rules."

When signing up for the forum and/or chat, you agree to abide by both the Rules of The Realm and the
Chatlands Code of Conduct.

COPPA Compliance:
• Chatlands as a whole must comply with COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
• The Realm requires all users to be at least 13 years of age when registering for both chat and forum in order to protect children from being exposed to age-inappropriate content.

• Cursing/swearing is permitted within The Realm so long as it is not directed at another user or administrator with the intention of causing harm.
• Please be mindful when using certain words or swearing excessively, as it may make other users uncomfortable.
• If swearing does disrupt the peace, the user may be asked to tone it down or refrain from certain words.
• If this persists, an admin may need to mediate the situation.
• The Realm absolutely will NOT tolerate racism, prejudice, xenophobia, pedophilia, sexual harassment or homophobia. These topics and related slurs are grounds for immediate disciplinary action.

Adult Content:
• The Realm requires all administrators to be at least 18 years of age in order to monitor adult situations.
• Using adult content publicly within The Realm is prohibited.
• Adult conversations are to be kept private. Conversations involving adult or sexual content, scenarios, links and the like must be discussed (with consent) via PM, whisper, or private rooms.
• Abuse of this content will result in immediate disciplinary action.
• Do not use adult contact to harass users.
• Do not share adult content with other without consent.
• Using adult content to solicit minors WILL result in a permanent exile without the possibility of a Mercy Trial.
• Adult artwork and content is permitted in private rooms so long as the content complies with the owner's room rating.
• Artwork/images containing nudity is not permitted in public rooms or posts in order to retain a safe environment for our younger users and those who may feel discomfort with this sort of content. Nudity pertains to nipples/areola and genitals of any kind on anthropomorphic (humanoid/animal/monster/etc) artwork.
The Realm chooses to disallow nudity on all genders as an act of equality, as unfortunately feminine bodies are all too often sexualized.
• Natural nipples and sheaths are publicly acceptable on natural creatures. (ex. a male dog; a female dog who has recently whelped)
• Artwork used in public may be drawn without clothing so long as they present a 'doll-like' appearance. This means that exposed genitals must be smoothed down without detail. No erect bits please.
• Artwork/images containing suggestive clothing such as undergarments and lingerie must be used in good taste, please be considerate of younger users. These are welcome in private rooms. The same applies to overly suggestive poses.
• Excessive gore, such as excessive blood and exposed organs, must be kept in private.

• Artwork containing alcohol is acceptable in public rooms and posts so long as the avatar does not appear to be intoxicated. Blushing as a suggestion is acceptable, don't get sloppy in public.
• Artwork containing cigarettes/smoking/vaping is permitted so long as they do not suggest drugs, marijuana, or intoxication.
• Public topics discussing drug/alcohol use is prohibited unless they are discussed in an educational or constructive manner.
• Publicly posting or using the public chat while intoxicated is prohibited. If you are caught, there will be consequences.

• Spamming either the forum or chat will result in disciplinary action.
Spam is more than just a debatably delicious canned meat.
Here are some examples:
-Posting 3 or more active topics of exact or similar content.
-Posting indecipherable/nonsense messages to chat or forum (ex. sklgjnsekruig48ghndui89)
-Bumping your own topic more frequently than the allotted 24hrs.
-Rapidly sending chat messages such as a single letter/number/symbol per line
-Double or multiposting on forums rather than editing your post to add information.
-Constant uppercase/caps lock text (ex. TALKING LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME)
-Constant upper/lower text (ex. TaLkInG lIkE tHiS aLl ThE tImE)

• Creating unnecessary drama, or 'airing out dirty laundry'.
• Publicly shaming other users or administrators (ex. blacklists)
• Spreading rumors and false information
• Instigating or hyping up arguments
• Teasing or bullying others
• Trolling: Deliberate act of random unsolicited and/or controversial conversations or topics with the intention of provoking others.
• Triggers, especially without warning. (ex. discussing rape, suicide/death, self-harm, etc.) See Trigger Warnings for more information.
• Shock sites: Websites that are intended to be offensive or disturbing to its viewers (ex. epilepsy triggers, extreme situations, etc.)
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